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Integrated Muscle and Health coaches specialize in all things physique enhancement and functional health. The highly trained and highly experienced staff would love to assist you in reaching your goals.

Austin Stout
Austin StoutFounder, Personal Trainer
I became interested in fitness while actively involved in the varsity wrestling program at my high school. My passion for weight training and nutrition came about because of training for athletics. Beyond high school this was focused into the world of physique and performance enhancement. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and helping them achieve their goals while learning from them along the way.

I have worked with hundreds of competitors and non-competitors of all ages as well as with athletes outside of the physique arena. I strive to treat each athlete as my number one priority and work closely with them to provide an approach that is not only methodical but practical.

My goal with each client is to maximize each and every area of their programming through the use of science, anecdotal evidence, and practical experience. Control of lifestyle factors such as stress management that can aid in overall results and quality of life are also important. The body and the mind are strongly interconnected and ensuring each body system works in unison is vital to success and long term sustainability.

I provide a comprehensive array of services to cater to all physique enhancement, athletic and general health and fitness needs. My services typically consist of regular check-ins and feedback from me and constant adaptions of the plan to meet ones goals. I do my best to provide all clients with a timely response and adequate feedback/explanation of each change made to their programming. Your goals are my number 1 priority while still keeping health in the forefront.

Erin Crawford
Erin CrawfordWomens Functional Health and Fertility Specialist
Erin is an Integrative Nutrition and Fitness Practitioner, specializing in fertility, hormones, and autoimmunity. She is passionate about helping others identify and address the root cause of their concerns due to her own lifetime of chronic health struggles that she had to leave mainstream medicine to find relief from.

Erin grew up in rural Kentucky, and suffered 20 years of “unexplained” diagnoses. In college, Erin found herself battling recurrent cervical cancer and it was here she decided to try to understand the “WHY” behind what was happening to her. It was a long road of learning, unlearning, and experimentation and in the end, she was cancer free and finally feeling better than she ever had.

Through this journey she found a love for helping women who were in similar circumstances, as well as a positive outlet in fitness and bodybuilding. Almost 20 years later, Erin has continued to enjoy a healthy life, has completed many certifications and mentorships across various topics and enjoys coaching a wide range of clients. She has helped more than 100 “infertile” clients have families, and she herself has overcome such a diagnosis, now living with her husband and son in Nashville, TN.

Matt Burzacott
Matt BurzacottPhysique Enhancement and Contest Prep Coach
I started weight training when I was 12 years old because I didn’t like being such a thin kid. I was also involved in football and baseball and I knew being bigger and stronger would help my athletic performance. I progressed very quickly and noticed I gained muscle and strength much faster and easier than my teammates and friends. I went on to break all school weightlifting records and this ended up paving the path for my adult life.

Right after high school, I started personal training and I competed in my first bodybuilding contest at 18 years old in 2004. Since then I have dedicated my life to the fields of physique development and human performance. I have spent time as a personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach and have coached hundreds of physique competitors and general population clients toward their health and fitness goals.

My approach to coaching is to first get a good understanding of where a client is at in regard to their lifestyle, nutrition, training, and overall health and psyche. I like to do a thorough scan over everything so I have a good idea of how this person has gotten to this current point, and then identify the areas of improvement. Once identified I come up with a feasible plan and focus on making incremental improvements over time so we can achieve long-term adherence. If we consistently control variables over a long period of time we can make a significant amount of progress. It is then important to maintain steady communication and for the client to provide regular feedback (usually weekly) as things are always in motion and changing. I provide ongoing coaching, support, and program changes when needed to keep things progressing in the right direction.

Outside of coaching and bodybuilding, I love all sports, especially football and hanging out with my dog Barry. I also enjoy learning about ancient civilizations and spend a lot of time studying spirituality, metaphysics, and the human mind.

Trey Bruffey
Trey BruffeyPhysique Enhancement and Health Practitioner
I started working out when I was 13 years old to get in better shape for wrestling. Once I started wrestling in high school, I realized I was out of shape and had a lot to learn and improve on. I began learning about nutrition and lost about 30 pounds on my own before hiring outside help to improve my strength and performance. Eventually this led me to compete in bodybuilding for 7 years and to begin helping others with their health and fitness goals.

While finishing up my degree in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Healthcare Delivery at Roanoke College, I began mentoring with Austin Stout in 2016. This allowed me to develop the tools needed to eventually start working on the team at IMH in August of 2023.

Over the years, I have also completed continuing education with Dave O’Brien, Jake Doleschal, Jeffrey Su (First Call Out Fitness) Katie Morra (Gut Honest Truth Academy), Luke Leaman (Muscle Nerds), Jason Colley (Personal Trainer University), Stephane Cazeault (Kilo Strength), and many other great educators.

The clients I work with are competitive bodybuilders, individuals struggling with functional health issues, and people who generally want to improve their body composition and quality of life. I enjoy taking a multifaceted approach to successful client outcomes by focusing on the mind, body, and the spirit. This “Wholistic Approach” provides sustainability of results long after coaching ends.

Outside of coaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Valerie, and our 3 cats, Harley, Quinn, and Ivy. I also like cooking, Bible study, and going to professional wrestling events.


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